Outreach and Education Workshops


Opera Mouse 1



Puppetry is a wonderful way for students to explore acting as well as design.  Using basic materials, Melanie will lead students in designing artistic puppet creations, and will teach basic puppetry skills, as well as lead the group in a series of theatresports, integrating their puppets into the action.


Exploring Lyrics

Song lyrics are a wonderful reflection of history.  Melanie will lead the class in dissecting a song in a classic textual analysis.  This includes historic context, analysis of poetic form, musical construction, and storylines, and goes on to teach the class to sing the song.  This workshop can be catered to any level of English/French student, and can be presented both to individual classes, as well as to combined classes.


Hand Knitting

Who needs those sticks, anyway?  With hand knitting, even young children can create scarves, hair bands and other knitted masterpieces.  Melanie will give a less in hand knitting (it’s very easy), and guide the children as they make fun and original knitted creations.





Masterclasses are great opportunities for aspiring voice students to strengthen their vocal and song presentation skills.  Melanie works with students on arias, art songs, Broadway tunes, and more.  This is an excellent way for music students to gain confidence, and to be inspired by working artists.  This workshop can be presented to a full class of students, to individual students or to small groups, of any level.



Understanding Opera

Many people feel that opera is an inaccessible, ‘high’ art form.  However, with some basic understanding of plotlines and artistic conventions, a night at the opera can become as comfortable (and enjoyable) as a night in front of the television.  Melanie will explore plot, music style and historic context of a famous opera, and will foster a new love and understanding of the operatic art form.


Knitting in History

Melanie is one of the leading WWI cultural knitting historians.  In this illustrated lecture, she gives a comprehensive overview of WWI and WWII knitting culture.  Including songs, poems, plays, fashion and even knitting-themed furniture.  A good companion to Stitch in Time.