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R e c o r d i n g s

Melanie has recorded several albums, ranging from "lost" historic knitting songs from WWI and WWII, forgotten songs of American Prohibition, beloved Edith Piaf classics, Some of the greatest Canadian hits, songs made famous by Vera Lynn and Sophie Tucker, and an album of her favourite songs, from sea shanties to cabaret tunes.

Her music is available on iTunes and Amazon Music, but it's even easier to download the songs right here! Take a piece of Melanie home, and support a nice artist!

Forgotten Songs of Prohibition

Melanie's Favourite Tunes!

An eclectic mix of Canadian hits

Deanna Durbin songs

Songs of Vera Lynn and Sophie Tucker

"Lost" WWII Knitting Songs

"Lost" WWI Knitting Songs

Edith Piaf songs

Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino songs

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