Semaine de la Francophonie

Every year, the third week in March is an International Celebration of Francophonie, in countries around the world.  Canada has a proud tradition of hosting events to celebrate French language and culture, and Melanie is a regular Francophonie performer.

Melanie's Francophonie events have included:


FRANCOPHONIE CONCERTS - These concerts feature a wide range of French music, depending on the event.  They have ranged from concerts of modern and historic French Canadian music, French Opera recitals, and a mix of Canadian songs and the timeless music of Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel.

OPERA MOUSE - Melanie's award-winning children's show, performed at local schools, orphanages and even shopping malls, in both English and French.

OUTREACH - From adult masterclasses and singing lessons in Khartoum universities, to French musical workshops with primary school students across Asia, Melanie shares her love of the French culture through a variety of workshops.

Melanie has performed Francophonie concerts, outreach and workshops in over a dozen countries, including:

Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Chad, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Laos, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam. 

Francophonie in Algeria
Opera Mouse in Algeria
Opera Mouse in Algeria
Algeria Performers
Sudan Concert
Morocco Orphanage Concert
Opera Mouse in Morocco
Concert in Rabat
Opera Mouse in Morocco
Concert in Algeria
Francophonie in Algeria
Opera Mouse in Laos
Vientiane Laos
Taiwan Concert
Opera Mouse in Vientiane
Taipei Concert
Concert in Khartoum
Press Conference in N'Djamana
Sudan Concert
French Institute Cambodia
Kaohsiung Concert
Concert in Hanoi
Cambodian Senate Performane
Cambodia International School
Chad Concert
Laos Performance
Laos Concert
Concert in Cambodia
Poolside Concert in Khartoum
Concert in Brunei
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