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Opera Mouse


Tilly Mouse lives under an opera house, and she just loves to sing! But whenever anyone sees her, they scream and run away. With determination, imagination and help from her friends, Tilly proves that even a mouse can be a star.

Opera Mouse has been performed in venues all around the world, ranging from a theatre in Canada, an orphanage in Morocco, a school in Sudan and a shopping mall in Algeria. 

Click HERE for photos from Opera Mouse performances

Performed at:

  • Khartoum, Sudan, 2016
  • Edinburgh Fringe, 2016
  • New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth 2016
  • Edinburgh Fringe, 2015
  • Hometown Hockey Tour, 2015
  • Regina Kids Fringe, 2015
  • Winnipeg Fringe Festival, 2015
  • Potashcorp Fringe, 2015
  • Tour of Algeria, 2014
  • Tour of Morocco, 2014
  • PotashCorp Fringe, 2014
  • Swift Current Chautauqua, 2014
  • Regina Farmer Conference, 2014
  • Winnipeg Fringe Festival, 2013
  • Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2013

Outreach and Workshops Available

To book a performance of Opera Mouse, contact:


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