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More Power to Your

Knitting, Nell!

Knit one, pearl 1942!  More Power to Your Knitting, Nell! tells the story of aspiring singer Sadie Goldstein.  Sadie has always wanted to be a star, and she can’t believe her luck when she’s hired as a radio host, to galvanize the ‘soldier girls at home’ who knit for the troops overseas.  The only problem is…Sadie hates knitting!

Featuring the WWII classics We’ll Meet Again and Autumn Leaves, as well as several historic knitting (yes, knitting!) songs.



Winner of several performance prizes, including: Best Solo Show (Orlando Fringe), Most Outstanding Performance (London Fringe Festival).

“Gall is vivacious, and her lovely voice has real power.”
– Edmonton Journal

“Cute, charming and funny, Melanie Gall is an exuberant performer with a rich, full soprano voice. Who better to introduce us to these little-known knitting songs? Upbeat gems such as Listen to the Knocking at the Knitting Club, a cute little ditty about knitting club gossip, delight us, while others, such as the beautiful ballad Soldier Soldier, Dear Unknown, touch us deeply.”
– Plank Magazine


“Gall can be captivating. Her musical capabilities could sell out venues alone, and her acting skills could put her on the stage with many other great talents.”
– Production Ottawa


“A wonderful stage performance. The format of the show is completely creative and enthralling, along with Melanie Gall’s onstage presence being quirky, natural and engaging; not to mention her singing voice, amazing and heartfelt.”
– Vancouver Weekly


“Gall’s voice is the star of this show, soaring through familiar and new tunes for an audience that was smiling from start to finish.”


“What a voice this young lady has! Clear as a bell with great diction and tone, she can belt with the best or go off into an obviously well-trained classical soprano. It is a very supple instrument and she sings all her songs with conviction and enthusiasm.”
– Edmonton Sun


“Gall’s voice is absolutely divine. Sweet and nostalgic, she’s like a Disney princess from the Lower East Side. Four and a half stars.”
– Uptown Magazine


“Featuring hilarious songs about knitting, and one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. Five Stars.”
– Ignite 107

Outreach and Workshops Available

To book a performance of More Power to Your Knitting, Nell!, contact:


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